The Official Hunting Program of Texas

A beloved part of our state's heritage is the access that every Texan enjoys to some of the most magnificent, thriving wildlife populations found anywhere in the United States. A key contributor to this heritage has been the symbiotic relationship that exists among sportsmen, sportswomen, landowners, and state government.

In order to preserve this legacy for future generations, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) worked together to develop the Texas Big Game Awards (TBGA). TBGA continues to be the leader in promoting education and recognition of quality habitat and quality wildlife in Texas.

The purpose of the TBGA is to promote awareness about wildlife management and the role that hunting plays in habitat conservation, and to foster cooperation among stakeholders who ensure that our state's wildlife habitat is conserved forever.

The Texas Big Game Awards recognizes those individuals who harvest quality big game animals in Texas, the land managers who produce these animals, the importance of our hunting heritage, and the achievement of young and first-time hunters.

Because 97% of the land in Texas is privately owned, encouraging landowners to actively manage their property for both quality wildlife and quality habitat will better ensure that all species remain an enduring part of our native ecosystem for generations to come. TBGA is not only important to land managers and hunters, it should also be of vital interest to everyone who has a stake in this multi-billion dollar-a-year industry in Texas, because "Hunting Equals Habitat."

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